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As a 4P square freelance marketing consultant, your professional assets are to grow exponentially. You will also develop your skills and enlarge your network. As part of the 4P network, you will have the privilege that 4P square will help you find freelance jobs and assignments, where you can start as a freelancer.

Eager to boost your skills and work across a variety of marketing projects and industries?

Apply for our freelance jobs and join our fast-growing community.

Become a freelancer yourself

You are invited to our exclusive webinar “Start to Freelance in Marketing” on Thursday June 23rd, 2022.

Starting your own freelance business as a marketing consultant can be discouraging. Have you ever asked yourself where to begin? What type of business would be right? How do I attract customers? How much should I charge for my services?

During this free webinar, you will get answers to all your questions, meet other marketing professionals and you will receive the trust and inspiration to start your own business.

Find more info and subscribe on our Eventbrite Eventpage. 

How we work

What can you expect from 4P square?

4P Community

  • We like to create a community to stay connected during external projects.
  • By organizing 4P square cafés and teambuildings we share knowledge and get to know each other better.
  • We ensure a personal approach where we strive for a positive and warm feeling.

4P Personal coaching

  • You will get a broad onboarding journey.
  • Together, we prepare you for upcoming projects. 
  • We strive to find the right match between the needs of our clients and the passion and wishes of our consultants.

4P Personal development

  • Each 4P consultant receives a personal learning passport with which we develop your soft and hard skills.
  • By working in different industries, functions and teams, you learn a lot as a consultant in a short period of time. That is why 4P square is a springboard for your professional career!


  • As a 4P consultant it is important to have broad marketing knowledge, strong communicative skills and an eye for detail.
  • Team spirit is a must so that everyone feels good and we can regularly go out for a drink together.

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